Great is thy faithfulness O GOD our  FATHER!!!

What is life without GOD? Nothing! We will be like lost sheep wandering in the wildernesses, exposed to the wild beasts that are waiting to devour us ,but thank GOD for HIS love , we are never alone , HIS staff is always  present  to lead us back home.

How precious is HIS love, how sweet is HIS presence, how perfect is the blood that HE shed for us!!! Sometimes we may fall or even get pushed down, they did that to our SAVIOR, but HE got up and died on the cross so we can keep getting up!!!

Look up, get up and focus on the future because you are more than a conqueror in CHRIST JESUS!!!


HE is worthy of our praise!!!

HE is sweet unto our soul, what an awesome GOD we serve!!!

Praise HIM, worship HIM, exalt HIM, their is no GOD like our GOD in the universe!!!

Thank you JESUS for all YOU have done for us , we love YOU!!!